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Therapeutic Massage at A Cut Above

Massage available by appointment: 330.673.9222

"I feel so much better!"
"This is my relax-and-feel-better zone!"
"I always feel great after a massage!"

How to Get the Right Massage for You

There are a lot of different types of massage! A therapeutic massage employs all techniques to provide the best possible treatment - as a Licensed Massage Therapist learns in more than 750 hours of training plus clinical work. 


So, chances are you want a therapeutic massage.  (Although a relaxation massage is amazing, too, and has proven health benefits.)

Who Needs Therapeutic Massage?

  • Athletes, due to overuse and repetitive motion

  • Sedentary folks, due to repetitive motion and/or lack of motion

  • Anyone recovering from an injury, to regain motion and overcome pain

What Our Clients Say

"I feel so much better."


"My shoulder doesn't pinch so much when I put on my shirt."

"Massage really helps me recover after a long run!"

"I can bend over again! It's easier to put on my shoes." 


"My back doesn't hurt when I walk up the stairs."

"This is my relax-and-feel-better zone." 

What Your LMT Will Ask You

What are your trouble areas? What areas do you prefer to be worked on, and which areas do you NOT want worked on? 

How do you like pressure? One way to think about this is a scale of 1-10. And not every part of you will appreciate the same amount of pressure - that's normal! Some people ask for a level "2" pressure on their legs, something a little  more on their arms or neck, and an "8" on their shoulders or back.


It's YOUR massage, so let your LMT know what YOU want.  And, it's OK to change your mind, too! Clear and open communication with your massage therapist is the key to getting the massage that's right for you. 

A LMT is Different from a "Practitioner"

​DiDid you know?

  • LMTs complete more training. LMTs are required to have 750 hours vs. a CMP's 250 hours.

  • LMTs must renew their license with the Ohio Medical Board every 2 years.

  • LMTs are FBI background-checked.

Massage Makes a Medical Difference

By stimulating the lymphatic system, massage increases blood flow and helps rid the body of toxins. (That's a chemical reaction.) 

By loosening knots and trigger points, it lengthens the fascia and tissue. (That's a mechanical reaction.)

Yep: there's real #SCIENCE behind the good feelings you get from a massage. 

We're not going to claim professional massage is a miracle cure for everything under the sun, however, there is some strong evidence that regular massage can improve posture, range and ease of motion, and provide significant  relief from headaches, plantar fasciitis, and repetitive motion injuries. 

Many studies have shown that, among other things, massage helps relieve the very real symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Good to Know!

Don't try to be "tough" and ask for more pressure than you really want. Gentle massage can make a world of difference! 

Do remember that your massage therapist does this every day. She understands it can be hard to put into words the pain or stiffness you have, and that you're not a massage expert. But, she is! 

Among other things, your LMT will help you identify and describe what's going on with various parts of your body, so ultimately, you will walk out feeling much, much better. 

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